Learn 3ds Max 2012 - Part 2

Learn 3ds Max 2012 - Part 2

This is the second part of the course in 3ds max 2012. In this course we will continue on the topic object creation by covering the extensive modeling toolset within the edit poly modifier.

We will also see how the animation and simulation tools can be used to bring your scene to life. Over the next two hours, you will learn how to use the more advanced tools to create impressive animations and renders. The course is divided into 6 chapters:

In the first chapter, we will animate and link objects to each other. You will learn how to work with keyframes and how to edit them in the track views.

In the second chapter, we will start creating our own custom objects using the edit poly modifier. Modelling is a core function in all 3d programs and building from primitives you can create any shape in the world.

The third chapter is devoted to different simulations. We are going to crash brick walls and simulate the pieces to fall realistically on the ground. We will also cover cloth and soft-body simulations.

The fourth chapter will be dealing with particles and how to use them. After this chapter, you will be able to create different effects such as snow and rain and also you will know the basics of the advanced particle system particle flow.

The fifth chapter explores more ways of mapping objects. We will use the unwrap UVW modifier to map different parts of the same texture to different parts of the geometry.

In the sixth and last chapter, you will learn how to add fun special effects to your scene such as glows and mists. You will also learn how to get motion blur and depth of field in your renders.

When going through this course you don't have to watch it linearly, from start to finish. you can jump to specific chapters and topics that interest you. With that in mind, I will use separate example files for every different part. You can put your OWN creativity to the test and combine the tools you will learn about and create a bigger project.



1. Animation, Auto and set key, Linking objects, Curve editor, Dope sheet, Animate modifiers, Path constraint

2. Edit poly, Subobject levels, Tools, Edit poly on shape, Box model a house, Soft selection, Turbosmooth

3. Simulations, MassFX, Rigid body types, Bake simulation, Cloth modifier, Cloth forces, Soft body cloth

4. Particle systems, Particles, Particle flow, Forces, Tests, Collisions, Bind to spacewarp

5. Advanced mapping, Unwrap UVW, Flatten mapping, Seams, Pelt mapping, Camera mapping, Image to 3d

6. Effects, Motion blur, Depth of field, Volume fog, Volume light, Fire

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Lärare: Marcus Lundberg

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Learn 3ds Max 2012 - Part 2

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