After Effects - CS6

After Effects - CS6

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Adobe After Effects is one of the coolest application on the planet. Period. No doubt for sure. A lot of fun but also a lot to learn and master. 

We help you get to the fun and creativity by this video tutorial about Adobe After Effects CS6. 

We start this video tutorial in After Effects with explaining the basics such as the interface, compositions and solid and text layers.

In the second chapter you will learn how to add effects, animate properties and create masks to cut out parts of layers.

Chapter three will teach you how to use track mattes and blend modes and you will also learn how to link layers to the motion in a video.

In the fourth chapter we will explore the 3d capabilities in After Effects and we will use the Warp Stabilizer and the 3d camera tracker.

In chapter 5 we will composit an animation with a 3D pre-rendered helicopter over a background.

The final chapter shows you some ways to integrate After effects with other Adobe softwares. There will also be a mini-course in Techsmith Camtasia Studio 8 to teach you how to record screen presentations, edit and export them.

So there is plenty of full packed good stuff to learn thru this online course from awardwinning Klick Data courseware. Buy this today and learn Adobe After Effects already today! (Your order will return a login to our K3 portal som you can start to learn without delay!)



1. The Basics, The Interface, Customize, Import media, Composition, Solids and Text, Transform layers

2. Effects, Adding effects, Adjustment layers, Animation, Masks, Shape layers, Precomposing

3. Working with layers, Trimming layers, Interpret footage, Blend modes, Track mattes, Parenting, Motion tracking

4. 3D, 3D layers, Cameras, Lights, Translucency, Warp Stabilizer, Camera Tracking

5. Compositing, Overview, Background, Rotor blades, Color correction, Camera shake, Rendering

6. Integration and Camtasia, Photoshop documents, Premiere Pro, Vector images, Camtasia Recording, Camtasia Editing, Camtasia Rendering and Output

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ArtNr: AEC6E

Playtime: 2h 5 min

Teacher: Marcus Lundberg

Price: 1295 SEK exkl. moms


After Effects - CS6

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